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Will The Next World War Be Fought Over Fresh Water?

In the 20th century world water use has grown twice as fast as world population... Suddenly, we’re going to have to find to use the existing water uses in a far more productive manner. There is a “growing movement” for water to be recognized as a human right. Humans can’t survive and certainly cannot thrive without access to water. The problem is that this “growing movement” comes into conflict with the diminishing supply of water around the world.

On Monday 1st March D Rana Abu-Mounes will facilitate a discussion on "Water Scarcity" This is jointly organised by Connections Cafe, STAR (Student Action For Refugees) and the Steeple Church Eco Group. It's open to everyone who has a series interest in the environmental challenges we face today.

The Zoom link is:

Meeting ID: 859 3505 3063

Rana has suggested a few websites which will be of interest



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